Illustrations Calendar 2015

Finally I got 2015 calendar finished. It is the first one I’ve done as every year I try to put myself together to make one but never manage to sit down an JUST work on it.

I am personally very happy with the results as I started this project almost 2 years ago from the Andes in Patagonia. The idea wasn’t to make a calendar from it but since I started creating lot of illustrations I thought it could be good to have them all at one place. This serie was first called “Protectors” inspired  by the Pachamama which is a deity that has been celebrated since thousand of years by the Incas and other Andean cultures in Central and South America.  PACHA in Quichua, means earth, land,  madre tierra (mother earth)  it represent life itself as a whole.  It was the female force that inspired me to create all these characters or deities. At the same time  they depict some of the places I’ve been along these two years and the relationship created between those places and myself.  Wherever I go,  consciously or unconsciously, I always bring something back with me.

As a project that started in the Andean mountains with glaciers and forest it expanded among the sea and cities in other continents….I’m sure it would spread to more places in the future as I keep my radar open to what is Pachamama saying.

If you want to order the calendar you can purchase it through  my online store at Redbubble as they are having great promotions for last moment shipping

Also if you want a wall print among other products please check at my online store.

Enjoy and support alive artists as the dead ones don’t need it ;)



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Portuguese Wedding Video

Another Blog post after a while. This time It won’t have nothing to do with Illustration but yes with weddings.  I’m sharing a link of a video I recently did from a wedding on Portugal.  The location was  on Vilamoura, Algarve and the day just turned out perfect. As you might see in the video, my approach has nothing to do with the traditional wedding video look. The footage was captured with a DSLR camera and the quality of the image is fantastic. The size of the camera really helps to reach what I wanted and to get more of a cinematographic look. The idea was to capture the day as I normally do through photography but this time by a visual document in movement.

Emma & Paudi from Keith Fitzgerald on Vimeo.

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Wedding Photography

Can’t remember when was the last Wedding Photography post on my Blog.  I’m getting the habit of posting everything on my Facebook art page, but can’t compare the quality of WordPress displaying any image.

So here is one of the latest weddings I’ve done and I feel very happy with the results as the couple was wonderful and it made everything much easier capturing great photos of their day.

I wish them a great future together :)

Enjoy the gallery !!

Catherine&Trevor-2 Catherine&Trevor-3 Catherine&Trevor-4 Catherine&Trevor-5 Catherine&Trevor-6 Catherine&Trevor-7 Catherine&Trevor-8 Catherine&Trevor-9 Catherine&Trevor-10 Catherine&Trevor-11 Catherine&Trevor-12 Catherine&Trevor-13 Catherine&Trevor-14 Catherine&Trevor-15 Catherine&Trevor-16 Catherine&Trevor-17 Catherine&Trevor-18 Catherine&Trevor

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Children’s book

Hi everyone! I’m back for a blog post with good news. Few months back  when I was on Argentina I had the pleasure to Illustrate a children’s book which is called “Joseph Coats of Many Colours” written by  Marilee Joy Mayfield.  The book is now released as an e-book for Kindle but there are plans to publish it as a printed version.  I invite you to have a look to the book as it is available on a free promotion :)



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Surprises from the Sea


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Ebook Cover design and winter solstice

This is how the ebook cover looks finished :) As winter solstice has been celebrated in the southern hemisphere by a lot of Andean cultures keeping their ancient traditions alive through millennia. I think this book celebrates all their knowledge that have been neglected and deserves to be well spread to the many times ignorant modern humans fed with technology but starving in their connection with nature. almaperissinotti2014

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Book cover design and Illustration



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Wintery Andes

Being in the Andes at this time of the year feels like being in sort of several movies at the same time. The lighting is very scenary and you get beautiful atmospheres. I love mist and clouds as it gives a lot of character to photographs. Sometimes is hard to get a nice shot of the forest because everything looks flat, but with clouds you can capture every tree in a different grey scale depending on the distance you are shooting from.

The forest is all humid and it blossoms of mushrooms of different colours, shapes, textures and smells, it is hard to keep your hands on your pockets because you want to pick all of them. You can also see the tracks of wild animals that move down from higher altitudes for spending the winter looking for food, fortunately there aren’t bears and wolves on these latitudes, so you have the peace of mind that you will come back to civilization without missing any part.

Yes I am a naturalist and “Pacha mama” lover ;)

almaperissinotti2014almaperissinotti2014almaperissinotti2014almaperissinotti2014 Almaperissinotti2014 Almaperissinotti2014 Screenshot 2014-05-10 11.21.40almaperissinotti2014

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Recent Children book Illustrations

It has been a while! Haven’t got nice internet speed here on Patagonia so it was harder to make any blog post.

The following are some of the works I have done for a commission into the children’s book world. As always it is a pleasure to me to work for children books. As a creative person that I am, creativity gets challenged and when it happens I feel happy with the results.










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Gill & Richard’s Wedding

Here some pictures of my first winter wedding. I have to confess I was a bit scared because of the weather but it turned out into a beautiful sunny day and the light was stunning, all the fresh cold air was turned away by the warmth of the sunset light. The couple was very happy and it was very nice working with them. Hope you enjoy the pictures :)

Gill&RichardGill&Richard-9 Gill&Richard-8 Gill&Richard-7 Gill&Richard-6 Gill&Richard-5 Gill&Richard-4Gill&Richard-13 Gill&Richard-12 Gill&Richard-10Gill&Richard-19 Gill&Richard-18 Gill&Richard-17 Gill&Richard-14Gill&Richard-20Gill&Richard-24 Gill&Richard-23 Gill&Richard-22 Gill&Richard-21Gill&Richard-25Gill&Richard-26


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